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Shop Talk Live 16: A Lethal Dose of PEG?

Mike Pekovich, Matt Kenney, and Ed Pirnik answer your woodworking questions. Plus, we investigate the so-called "lethality" of some woodworking chemistry mentioned on an earlier episode.

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Asa Christiana Matt Kenney, and Ed Pirnik discuss an upcoming Video Workshop project series and answer woodworking questions from Fine Woodworking readers.

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Fine Woodworking art director Mike Pekovich, senior editor Matt Kenney, and senior web producer Ed Pirnik answer your woodworking questions on furniture-building-basics and sharpening. Plus, a controversial debate on the merits of half-blind dovetails.

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Woodworker/actor Nick Offerman and contributing editor Christian Becksvoort join the editors to answer your woodworking questions and check in on the action at Fine Woodworking's very first live event.

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Asa Christiana, Mike Pekovich, and Ed Pirnik answer your woodworking questions and reflect on their own building blunders.

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Mike Pekovich and Ed Pirnik answer your woodworking questions and wax poetic about workbench tech.

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Asa Christiana and Matt Kenney answer your woodworking questions and ponder the tech-savvy nature of "tweens."

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Pekovich and Matt Kenney reflect on lessons-learned from early visits to the lumberyard with special guest, FWW web producer Lisa Morgan.

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Mike Pekovich and Matt Kenney school us on the Fibbonacci sequence and how it can help your furniture design. Plus, Mike gets teased over his boring glue bottle.

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Asa Christiana and Jeff Jewitt tackle your finishing-related questions. Plus, the cops show up to apprehend Jeff.

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