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Sharpening Services – Is it worth the time and expense to get your blades sharpened?

Video: Machine Setup – The Jointer part 1 – Matt Wajda sets the jointer tables using only a straight-edge and some scraps of paper

Finish Line: Original Arts and Crafts by Nancy R. Hiller #193–Sept/Oct 2007 Issue

Re-creating a Shaker Finish by Linda Coit #203–Jan/Feb 2009 Issue

Video Workshop: Mike fumes the white oak of his hayrake table

Video: How to Fume Furniture with Ammonia by Kelly J. Dunton #186–Sept/Oct 2006 Issue

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Show Notes:

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Links mentioned:

Video: Accurate Biscuit Joints by Tony O'Malley #165–Sept/Oct 2003 Issue


Fine Furniture with Biscuit Joints by Michael Fortune #227–July/Aug 2012 Issue


Hall Table with Flair by Jennifer Anderson #236–Nov/Dec 2013 Issue


Display Cabinet, the Krenov Way by Jim Budlong #208–Nov/Dec 2009 Issue


Mid-Century Credenza by Libby Schrum #261–May/June 2017 Issue


Get perfect reveals with a Domino by Anissa Kapsales #261–May/June 2017 Issue


How to Tame Tricky Glue-Ups by Michael Fortune #243–Nov/Dec 2014 Issue

How to Make a Mallet by Michael Cullen #230–Tools & Shops 2013 Issue

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We were going to put this interview in the last episode, but it deserved to have your undivided attention. So here is a special bonus episode of Shop Talk Live.

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Show notes:

Chris Becksvoort, the dovetail master at work by Christian Becksvoort, Ben Strano #264-Nov/Dec 2017 Issue -

Architectural Wall Cabinet by Nancy R. Hiller #270–Sep/Oct 2018 Issue -

An Elegant, Contemporary DeskAn Elegant, Contemporary Desk by Michael Robbins #270–Sep/Oct 2018 Issue -

Scaling Furniture from Photos by Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez #170–May/June 2004 Issue -

Resize. Don’t Redraw. – Dave Richards totally changes the scale of a piece in an efficient manner by David Richards -


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